The Boss Chart

Current Boss Chart:

Current Boss Chart:

Archive [WIP]:


07/11|🚀 Team Rockets Blasting Off Agaaaain ✨

07/04| 🎈Go Fest Event

06/19 | Summer Solstice 2020

05/26|☯️Reshiram Released!

05/22|4️⃣ Sinnoh Throwback! 

05/06|🐛Giratina Returns (now with permalink)

05/01|Kanto Throwback!

04/29|🛰️Remote Raids Released!

04/10|🥊GBL Raids [added support for shadow mons]



01/08|🌋 Shiny Heatran

01/04🎉New Years 2020


THE BOSS CHART – Now also accounting for dodging

⚡TOP 20 COUNTERS – Raikou Raid Day ⚡

🌄THE BOSS CHART – Groudon and Raikou Edition 🌄

🏜️ Top 20 Counters Chart – GROUDON 🏜️

THE BOSS CHART – Adventure Week [Now With Pokemon Raid Usefulness]

THE BOSS CHART- Adventure Week V2 [added notation, fixed sorting]

THE BOSS CHART – 🗻Adventure Week!🗻

🥊 THE BOSS CHART – Pokemon Raid Week! 🥊 [multi-language in comments]

THE BOSS CHART – Detective Pikachu Rotation [Now with social media links!]

THE BOSS CHART – 🌊Lake Trio Release!🌊 ( Multi Language links in comments!)

THE BOSS CHART – 🌎 Earth Day Celebration! 🌎

THE BOSS CHART – Green Birdplane release 💚🐦🛫

THE BOSS CHART – Bug Event Edition (Translation requests open in comments)

THE BOSS CHART – Spooky Centipede Release

THE BOSS CHART- Spiky Metal Dragon (adjusted difficulty scaling)

THE BOSS CHART – Pokemon Day Rotation

THE BOSS CHART – Shiny Latias Edition

THE BOSS CHART Hoenn Event-German Edition